The Time has Come To Stand Up

Everyday our rights are being taken away. Tyranny is being pushed upon us under the false pretense of "It's for our safety." As your Sheriff, I will stand up for you, and protect Laramie County citizens against that very tyranny working to destroy our country. I am a Constitutionalist. I will run my campaign and office on the value of God First, and do no less than our founding fathers did to make this country. It is time to protect your freedoms. Make your vote matter, and start to take back our country, in retaining and protecting your constitutional freedoms, and doing it one county at a time. The elected office of sheriff should ONLY answer to the people.

When Sheriffs are elected, they take an oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution. The Constitution is there to protect you and your unalienable God given Constitutional rights.  Be part of the conservative movement and have the chance to retain and protect your rights, as they are written in the constitution of the United States and Wyoming Constitution. It is time to set America straight again, have the Sheriff that Laramie County has needed for a long time and I will defend you, and protect you as your Sheriff.

God Bless America

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November 20, 2021
Jim's Press Release Regarding Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict
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October 10, 2021
Jim's Interview on KGWN

October 15, 2021
Jim's morning update  

October 23, 2021
Jim's Interview on KGAB with Doug Randall
Radio interview, audio only


September 28,2021

Check out the Site Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall brings you current events from a historical, constitutional, and principled perspective. Liberty over security; Principle over party and Truth over Personality!  and Why the Ninth Amendment is my Favorite


October 14,2021

Albin City Council- Jim will be a guest at the City Council meeting and discuss issues and why Jim is best suited for the next Sheriff of Laramie county.

October 19,2021

LCGOP Monthly Meeting- 6 PM at The Met Banquet Hall, 1701 Carey Ave., Cheyenne. 

October 16,2021

Pine Bluffs Fall Fest-11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Come have a great time and meet Jim Barth.


7/20/ 2021
It is time for us all to do something. We need to take back our rights by having your politicians truly represent your constitutional freedoms, and put into office the people that best represent us. Do not be complacent and sit back, get involved, get active. Take back your rights and let's elect the people that best represent our values and freedoms. Quit supporting those that impose on and gladly strip away your freedoms, once they are gone you cannot get them back. I will always be open to discussions from others on how to make the Sheriff's office more proficient, and accountable to the people. I desire to see deputies paid what they deserve and the equipment they need to keep them safe.


Proud Member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association


American Legion Member

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