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Strife between police, prosecutors sink sex abuse investigation into retired bishop.

I have lately been posting about the bad investigations of the PD and the S.O. Some people have come out falsely and said it is Fake news, or dirty politics, or slinging mud. That is not the case at all because their history is out there for people to see and it is not fake nor dirty or mudslinging when it is their own history, so really if you want to state that then go to Lowe's buy a ladder and get over it and yourself. It is fair and it is the news. (by the way, no one refuted this at the time.)

What is interesting in the article is the following: “At least eight men or their families told police that they or a relative had been the victim of sexual misconduct by retired Wyoming Catholic Bishop Joseph Hart, but no charges were ever filed against Hart because police and prosecutors were repeatedly at odds over the investigation, police and prosecutor documents show.

Police claim that prosecutors hadn’t read basic case documents, and prosecutors complained about media attention and their problems with the work by police.

That decision not to charge Hart, a defense attorney who reviewed the case said, was “unforgivable” and amounted to a pass given to a predator. For some victims, it was the end of years of effort to see the retired bishop held accountable. It was, from their perspective, a failure by the only office that could prosecute Hart, who has been accused, either in court or to police, of abusing more than a dozen men over two decades.

Hart, who retired in 2001 after a 46-year career as priest and bishop, allegedly abused boys in the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, in Kansas City, Wyoming and on trips around the West. He has faced minor punishments from the church; the Vatican would later exonerate him on charges of sexually abusing minors.

The investigation had the potential to be historic: No American bishop has ever been charged with sexual abuse.

Police, prosecutors bicker

Armed with these and more accounts, police handed the case over to prosecutors in August 2019. Prosecutors in Cheyenne passed it off to Casper, citing a conflict of interest. But for months after an initial meeting, police, and prosecutors didn’t talk, according to an internal report and letters exchanged, and it’s unclear what, if anything, prosecutors were doing during that time. The documents detail a prosecution concerned with the “he said, he said” nature of the case, as well as with pressure brought by Hart’s defense attorney. They describe police investigators frustrated with the shoddy communication and prosecutors’ alleged poor understanding of the case. Communication was so bad that then-Cheyenne police Chief Brian Kozak wrote that he thought Michael Schafer was a legal aide, not a prosecutor.

In June, District Attorney Dan Itzen and Schafer sent Kozak a letter outlining some of their concerns. They asked if any of the victims in the lengthy police report had ever sued the church and if they’d made any sworn statements or testified at a deposition. They questioned why another priest who allegedly had committed abuse was not interviewed. Cheyenne Police wrote in their case report that the priest in question was misidentified by a victim.

In that letter and a follow-up, Itzen’s office complained about media attention and poor communication with police. Prosecutors wrote that they’d tried to get in touch with detectives multiple times and that they learned about details of the case via the Casper Star-Tribune.

So wait for it

Cheyenne Police leveled the same accusations at prosecutors. In a supplemental report he attached to the case file, Kozak, who stepped down as chief in early January (correction he was fired), wrote that repeated calls to Itzen and Schafer were not returned. At least twice, he writes that the prosecutors declined to speak to him because they were “too busy.”

Here is the core of the problem

Based on the documents, much of the hand-wringing by prosecutors was based on a 2002 investigation by Cheyenne police that went nowhere. The investigator, in that case, said it faltered because Martin stopped participating; Martin said he stopped participating because the investigator was aggressive and seemed more interested in clearing Hart’s name.

In Conclusion

Seems to be a common thread here with poor case handling, poor case management. Where this would have been and should have been a good time to have had positive training and work to better the force, instead it just continued. Do you honestly think Kozak will fix it and repair it? If you do think again as his management and leadership style and behaviors have existed for a long time. He even pulls from what I originally stated that a Sheriff should be a nonpartisan office as it exists to serve all the people and should not be politicized. Yet he tells you to go register as republican and go vote republican (yeah nonpartisan there right). Does his poor leadership truly show that he is non partisan with his record?

This is Kozak’s history just one piece of many, it is not mine, it is not made up. It is his recorded history.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill

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One of my competitors Brian Kozak recently posted to their blog under “Will I be a constitutional sheriff? “

Brian goes into his training in the constitution and the supreme law of the land and the basis of all police action.

Whereas he truly just does not get it and does not truly understand the supremacy clause he states in his blog and cuts it short in fact by stopping at the constitution is the supreme law of the land period.

He simply does not understand that Article VI, clause 2 states the following:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

The United States is a constitutional republic, and as such, each state is a sovereign state and each state has what we can equate to a business agreement with the United States. So in short explanation yes the United States is founded on the combination of the Declaration of independence and the United states constitution. The ninth amendment helps to clear up any confusion where it states: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. The Ninth Amendment was James Madison’s attempt to ensure that the Bill of Rights was not seen as granting to the people of the United States only the specific rights is addressed. In recent years, some have interpreted it as affirming the existence of such “un-enumerated” rights outside those expressly protected by the Bill of Rights.

The Wyoming Constitution explicitly states your rights and freedoms as expressed by the United States Constitution and outlines very clearly your rights are retained by “the people”. That does not mean that the Federal Government has unbridled power throughout the states, and is rather quite contrary to that.

Back to Brian’s Blog: Brian then goes on to state the following misinformation:

Some “constitutional sheriffs” believe the Sheriff should never assist federal law enforcement agencies. And

A few “constitutional sheriffs” do not believe in traffic safety or traffic enforcement. He states I do not agree, and I will work with them to apprehend violent offenders who are wanted on crimes, which are illegal under Wyoming law.

And then follows up with “I have always had a good relationship with our federal law enforcement officers and will continue to work with them to stop human trafficking, narcotic distribution, kidnapping, and other serious crimes.”

A Few things on that information stated:

1. The statements of “Some “constitutional sheriffs” believe the Sheriff should never assist federal law enforcement agencies. I do not agree, and I will work with them to apprehend violent offenders who are wanted on crimes, which are illegal under Wyoming law.”

The above statement by Brian is a direct quote from the “AntiDefamation League where they quote the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association as an anti-government extremist group. He uses the same description of the constitutional sheriff’s.

Proof of such at link

2. You should remember that the ADL is the same group Brian aligned himself with in the past where he stated and I quote- “one of the best training of my 28 years in law enforcement”.

Please see (By the way it is not fake news it is Brian’s news)

Read more:

3. The ADL is also heavily aligned with the Southern Poverty Law Center which is a far-left hate group same as the ADL.

the ADL’s gun control agenda is well documented and the organization has a long history of demonizing law-abiding gun owners like you and me.

From the ADL website: The federal government and the states should recognize the importance of maintaining bans on the use or caching of weapons by domestic extremists. In addition, the federal government and the states should ensure that common-sense restrictions on firearms in schools and government buildings continue. In short, making it more difficult to obtain firearms – through mechanisms such as increased waiting periods, limitations on purchases, and promoting stricter gun safety, licensing, and registration laws – will help safeguard our communities …

WyGO supported legislation HB-103 would have enforced Wyoming’s current preemption law — which stops cities from enacting gun control that would create a “patchwork of ordinances” across our state.

From the Article- as you probably guessed by now Cheyenne’s chief is also a ‘documented‘ gun grabber — in fact just this year Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak testified against a bill introduced by pro-gun champion Representative Allen Jaggi.

In an open committee, Chief Kozak argued that the city of Cheyenne has the “right” to impose gun control on the citizens.

So does that sound constitutional to you? Does that sound like a good sound sheriff to you? One that aligns with far-left hate groups hell-bent on stripping people of constitutional freedoms? I think not.

The Picture at the top of the Blog

The Southern Poverty Law Center and the AntiDefamation league along with Brian Kozak are working hard to try to tell you that constitutional sheriffs are an extremist hate group and anti-government and in the words of Brian, “much to do about nothing standing against the tyranny of the over the reach of the Feds. Remember his words of “I have always had a good relationship with our federal law enforcement officers and will continue to work with them to stop human trafficking, narcotic distribution, kidnapping, and other serious crimes.”

Let’s break this down.

1. A Constitutional Sheriff works with the Federal agencies but sets the bounds that they (the Feds) have no authority in a county without having the due process and paperwork in order and that when they enter a county to take action, that they must notify the Sheriff first and present proper documentation for due process or they will be told to leave. The tenth amendment applies there. Also, see. Sheriff Dave Mattis Americas first constitutional Sheriff from Big Horn County Wyoming.

Also see:

2. Working with The Federal agencies is part of the job and necessary for good working relationships, however, Brian’s words of “I have always had a good relationship with our federal law enforcement officers and will continue to work with them to stop human trafficking, narcotic distribution, kidnapping, and other serious crimes.” This is concerning as one that has been portrayed to be truly unconstitutional and aligns with far-left hate groups, and as I pointed out from just one article that Brian believes that the city of Cheyenne has the “right” to impose gun control on the citizens. This means that he will not stand up against that tyranny and in fact, will be part of the violation of your constitutional rights. Perhaps even making you mask up or take the jab contrary to what he states on his web page and writings. Again we must consider this after he after all aligned himself with the ADL, and uses SPLC terminology.

The recent writings of the Washington compost go on to further the agenda of discrediting the Constitutional Sheriffs as stated the same verbiage of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the AntiDefamation League in an opinion piece as “Beware the extremist, dangerous and unconstitutional ‘constitutional sheriffs’” Where they state “Constitutional sheriffs assert they have the power not only to enforce the law but to be the ultimate arbiters of what the law in their counties.” Furthermore “Although even the National Sheriffs’ Association notes that this oath is taken by every law enforcement officer and confers no special authority on sheriffs.”

Hmm sound familiar to what Brian States?

The fact is the Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer elected in the County and answers solely to the People and has the power to send the Feds packing if they come into a county violating citizens rights and freedoms and have no due process in place. Remember the woman lately in Colorado where the FBI busted in her door and took her and her daughter into questioning for attending a school board meeting? Yeah, where was that Sheriff, he should have set the boundaries that are required under the tenth amendment to start with. No interstate crime was violated, no bank robbery was committed, and no paperwork for due process was presented to the sheriff. Remember that is tyranny.

Sheriff Mack of the CSPOA has called the federal government “the greatest threat we face today” and there is truly no debating that given the overthrow of the Federal government in the past 2 years specifically related to a virus. The Federal Government does not have that authority, the Governor does not have that authority, and the Mayors don’t have that authority.

Stand with me as I am a true constitutional person and would be a true constitutional sheriff. A constitutional Sheriff is not what Brian Kozak would have you believe it is, a constitutional sheriff if America’s last great hope to turn this country around one county at a time.

Don’t fall into Brian's deception as he tried to say on my last post where I posted his pictures and newspaper links “fake news” yet at the time all these were originally posted it was not fake news at the time. And a few days after I posted press releases were posted where he actually made the comments.

The position of Sheriff is too important to be left to a person that claims to be constitutional but then wants to align with and use the phraseology of those far-left hate groups. Those groups are not constitutional and neither are their motives.

This is not dirty, this is not mud, this is history as it was written and placed into motion covering Brian's history. History is not always pretty, but it does tell us why we are not to do it again.

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  • James Barth

The Anti-Defamation League is the longest-running and most powerful hate group in the United States with 28 offices domestically and 3 offices abroad. They bring in nearly $60 million a year to combat free speech and the right of ethnic minorities to defend themselves from bigotry (including Black Muslims, Arabs, and Euro-Americans).

Then we have the United States Postal system working within to identify what they call far-right hate groups and working with Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.

The United States Postal Service admitted to conducting a covert operation, monitoring the social media activity of American citizens without their knowledge or consent, according to official documents. Designated the Internet Covert Operations Program, the USPS then turns over any inflammatory material it finds to leftist groups, such as the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center for criminal prosecution.

“They’re inside your phones, inside your computers, inside everything,” says Alex Jones of InfoWars. “And they’re tracking everywhere you go and everything you do.” Jones added that a large portion of the data is recovered from law enforcement investigations and civil lawsuits, then leftist organizations hand it over to federal agencies and vice-versa to bully the American people. And, of course, all of this is illegal. Tune in for more from Jones, who also discusses cartels are offering American teens money via Tik Tok to smuggle immigrants.

Reflect on people and their Alliances:

One of my competitors has spoken very favorably about the Anti Defamation League and its training. More to come on that very soon.

By comparison, the ADL and SPLC have declared a true patriot group called the Oath Keepers, as a far-right hate group and right-wing militia group. The ADL and SPLC have thrown statements that are not true at all about the Oath Keepers whereas the Oath Keepers have been there for the people, to protect, to reach teach, and Inspire. The Oath Keepers are largely made up of retired Law enforcement and veterans and first responders who took an oath to serve and protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.

ADL then posts the false information of :

At least nine people associated with the Oath Keepers have been charged with conspiracy in connection with the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

This was debunked as false as the oath keepers group had nothing do to with the actions on January 6, 2020, and was, in fact, ANTIFA this has been proven time and again, and only the mainstream media holds the false narrative. Have some oath keepers been kept as prisoners and treated as a terrorist, yes they have, but the riot on January 6 2020 was not at all the oath keepers group

ADL goes on to further discredit the oath keepers by stating:

Founder Stewart Rhodes is a former Montana attorney and Army veteran who acts as the group’s main spokesperson. Under his leadership, the Oath Keepers are essentially an updated and more successful version of a similar 1990s group, Police Against the New World Order, started by retired police officer Jack McLamb, who died in 2014. McLamb warned of post‐Cold War chaos perpetrated by an elitist‐controlled New World Order, while Rhodes warns of an insidious global oligarchy bent on destroying America’s constitutional republic.

Make no mistake friends, the southern poverty law center and the Anti-Defamation league are by no means your friends, not have your best interest as Americans that live in a constitutional republic. And yes we are a constitutional republic. That mentality of ADL and SPLC has no place in a constitutional republic.

One of my competitors has aligned himself very comfortably with the ADL and praised their training. You must ask yourself is that truly who is a constitutional person, or even a true constitutional law enforcement officer in his past? I think not.

Look at-in comparison to what the Oath Keepers state:

About Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders (as well as “Associate Members” See below) who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That oath, mandated by Article VI of the Constitution itself, is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and Oath Keepers declare that they will not obey unconstitutional orders, such as orders to disarm the American people, to conduct warrantless searches, or to detain Americans as “enemy combatants” in violation of their ancient right to a jury trial.

See the Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey for details.

Oath Keepers reaches out to both current serving and veterans to remind them of their oaths, to teach them more about the Constitution they swore to defend and to inspire them to defend it. We stand in defense of the rights of all Americans, in opposition to any and all who violate those rights, and we serve our communities in time of need, whether from man-made or natural disasters.

Full membership is available to all who have served in the U.S. Military or National Guard, in any law enforcement agency, or as firefighters, EMTs, Search and Rescue, disaster relief, and similar emergency personnel.

Oath Keepers also includes a membership program designated as “Associate Members”, which consists of patriotic citizens who have not served in uniform but who serve now by supporting this mission with their Associate Membership and volunteer activities. Oath Keepers welcomes our Associate Members and appreciates their support of our mission. We are all in this together.

Oath Keepers motto is “Not on our watch!

Who are Oath Keepers? Anyone who takes the Constitution seriously, and wants to preserve and defend it. Oath Keepers come in all colors, shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds with one common bond – the oath to defend the Constitution. If you take your oath seriously and believe in defending the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and of whatever political party (there are oath breakers galore in both major parties), and if you stand for the rights of all Americans, at all times, then you are one of us. Join us. We need your help to preserve liberty for our children and grandchildren, and for all Americans.

For the Republic! Oath Keepers

In Conclusion:

I would rather be aligned with a patriot movement that is there to Reach Teach and Inspire, rather than the far-left group that is anti-American values, and anti-constitution. Where did it become bad to stand for your country, then to be demonized as the patriots that stand for defending your country against all enemies foreign and domestic? Only within the far-left narrative such as ADL and SPLC that supports ANTIFA, BLM, and other hate groups on the left that have rioted torched cities, and caused violence all across America.

Who would you rather have a patriot defending your constitutional rights as your Sheriff as they are absolute, or would you rather have a person that aligns themselves with WOKE movements, or yet another that aligns themselves with far-left Hate groups looking to strip you of your freedoms? Remember Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

It is time to change things. Vote James Barth for Sheriff 2022

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