My Contract  With The people of  Laramie County as Sheriff

This Sheriff’s Contract with Laramie County is rooted in three core principles:

Accountability. The government is too big and spends too much, and Congress and un-elected bureaucrats have become so entrenched to be unresponsive to the public they are supposed to serve. This serves as your Sheriffs contract, and restores accountability to government.

Responsibility. Bigger government and more government programs usurp personal responsibility from families and individuals. The Sheriffs contract restores a proper balance between government and personal responsibility.

Opportunity. The American Dream is out of the reach of  far too many families because of burdensome government regulations and over reach from Federal State and Local Government.

This contract restores the American dream as a promise for Laramie County Citizens, to protect their constitutional freedoms

The Contract-As a Sheriff it is more important, to restore the bonds of trust between the people and their elected Sheriff. That is why, in this era of what has become official evasion and posturing, I offer instead a detailed agenda for renewal of trust with the citizens of Laramie County as their constitutional Sheriff, a written commitment with no fine print. This election offers the chance, after long periods of time of lack of confidence, poor management, poor controls, to bring to the Sheriff’s office a new Sheriff that will transform the way your Sheriff works for you. That historic change would be the end of a Sheriff’s Office policies that have not worked for you and your constitutional God Given freedoms and representation. This can be the beginning of a Sheriffs office that respects your values and shares the faith of the American family as set forth in the constitution, and One Nation Under God.  The same values and promises like Lincoln, and like Regan. To restore faith and trust in the Sheriffs office. To end its cycle not having an active presence in the county, to support the ranchers as well as the people in the city, as the city is part of the county as well. To make us all proud again of the way free people govern themselves and put the choice back in the hands of Laramie County Citizens, to practice their liberties and pursuit of happiness, and know that “I’ve got your back!”

I have listened to what you want in a Sheriff and I hear you loud and clear. What people want to know, I think, is what are you going to do differently?

  • On the first day of Being your Sheriff, I will review the budget and we will have a Sheriffs office that is there to support the residents of Laramie County. We will have a jail system that is run properly and within budget. I will review all areas of expenses and keep in line with proper operation of the Sheriffs office but also have a safe, healthy place to work and boost morale. We will have a jail that is also still maintaining the safety of our inmates of the detention facility.

  • The Sheriff and deputies will have an active presence in the community and have active involvement in the community events to make sure that people are comfortable with knowing that the Sheriff and his deputies are listening and actively engaged. There has to be an active caring presence in this county, by the Sheriff's office.

  • I will put in place the Cattleman's group to combat cattle rustling issues within the county. These people will receive training, and be able to help the Sheriffs office combat cattle rustling issues in the county.

  • There will be active involvement and a presence in the outlying county areas of Burns, and Pine Bluffs, Albin, Carpenter South Greely, and the other outlying areas. I will put in place Satellite Offices for the S.O in cooperation with the communities to have in place deputies that are present in the county, and significantly increase the presence of the Sheriffs office in those locations.  People will know the deputies and the deputies will be approachable and personable. Remember, they too are citizens of this county.

  • There will be inter agency training and cooperation not only with the City police departments, but also federal agencies as well. This will help to build a better attitude of cooperation and unity. Also putting into place agreements with surrounding counties and other state law enforcement agencies so that cooperation and assistance can help to make a better, safer environment for not only Laramie County but also help spread the Unity to surrounding areas.

  • Active education for the county residents to help them stay informed to be the eyes and ears to help the Sheriff and deputies. Groups such as community police awareness groups to help spot drug trafficking, drug production, human trafficking and more.

  • Get involved with groups to assist the Sheriff’s office with keeping county residents 2nd Amendment rights in place and maintained by having classes for safe weapons handling, and target acquisition. The legally armed Citizen is truly an asset to the community in protecting themselves and their family from harm.

  • My plan is to place more deputies on the streets to make Laramie County a safer place, the place we all knew and loved and being that place where citizens don’t have to worry about robberies or drug trafficking etc.

  • Working with other local police to gain a level of trust and cooperation like there has never been before in Laramie county. Closer working ties with Federal agencies to build a good open door policy but open cooperation while protecting your constitutional freedoms.

  • Working with local leaders and agencies to combat the homeless situation whereas they end up in the jail systems either from crimes committed or for shelter. To also work with those same leaders and agencies to help combat the mental heath issues associated with the homeless situation. We have a plan that will be a win win for not only the Sheriffs office but also the citizens of Laramie County.

  • To have citizens informed when they call the sheriff’s office on a crime such as a robbery, or home break-in etc. There needs to be good communication to those residents from the Sheriffs office on the status of their case and know that it is actively being worked. Not specific case details that are used in court, but rather to know that their case is important enough to the Sheriffs Office to know that it is being looked at. Often, I hear that people have lost hope and that is changing under my watch as sheriff.

  • To have a monthly meeting where people can meet the sheriff, where people can come to a local coffee shop, or we can meet at a local moose lodge or VFW, or American Legion, and we can meet and talk about your concerns and what you want to see out of the sheriff as well. The Sheriff job is to work for the people so this is an opportunity to get to know your sheriff, and partner with your sheriff and to know I will be involved in the community and that I have your back.

  • The Office of Sheriff of Laramie County, going Forward will continue to adopt and execute policies and procedures consistent with the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State. These policies and procedures apply to the Sheriff, all Deputy Sheriffs, all employees of the Office of Sheriff and anyone acting under the authority of the Office of Sheriff and include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 1) This Office will not in any way assist in the enforcement of any order, edict, mandate, proclamation, directive, regulation, etc., that violates the rights of the people to:

  • a. Move about freely

  • b. Wear or not wear any medical device they may choose

  • c. Freely express their religious beliefs, and freely engage in

  • the practice thereof

  • d. Freely speak their opinions

  • e. Assemble

  • f. Keep and bear arms

  • g. Lawfully engage in business activities without interference by representatives of any government, or agency or agent thereof, notwithstanding any real or ostensible public health emergency

  • h. Engage in any other activity protected by the Constitution of the United States or by the Constitution of this State.

  • 2) This Office will not assist in the enforcement of any civil action or any criminal charge against any person for trespass which is based on that person’s failure to comply with unconstitutional mandates or orders.

  • 3) This Office will arrest, detain, and recommend prosecution of any government official or agent thereof who knowingly and deliberately violates the rights of the people under the pretended authority of an unconstitutional order, edict, mandate, proclamation, directive, or regulation.

  • 4) This Office will arrest, detain, and recommend prosecution of any government official or agent thereof who uses his or her position or office to influence any private (non-governmental) person or corporation to act in such a way as to coerce any person or entity to comply with unconstitutional orders, edicts, mandates, proclamations, directives or regulations.

  • 5) The Bill of Rights will be strictly enforced within the jurisdictional boundaries of this County. The people of Laramie County, are entitled to the protection of their God-given and constitutionally protected rights. As the elected chief law enforcement official of this jurisdiction, it is the responsibility, duty and privilege of the Sheriff to do everything in his or her lawful power to protect, defend and secure these rights.

  • To have the Laramie County Citizens know that above all, I place God First in all I do and with that principle I have the same foundational beliefs as the founding fathers and truly “One Nation Under God.” You need to be aware that as a constitutional sheriff, I work for the people, I don’t tell you what you need in a sheriff, I don’t tell you what is best for you. I will protect you from tyrants that try to enforce where it is not law. What I will do is protect your constitutional freedoms against any and all over reach from Federal, State and local tyrants. I will uphold the United States Constitution and the Wyoming Constitution. Remember without the Sheriff to hold that ground and do it firmly, then your freedoms are gone. These are my pledges to you.