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I am a Bible believing, Conservative,  a God fearing Married Man with 4 Children. I am Pro Constitution, Pro Wyoming. I have Lived in Laramie County for over 8 years. I was born and raised in Michigan my dad worked at Ford Motor Company and was Union. The Union was where I first started seeing the reaches of communism and how they control people and the very fabric of our country. I lived in Georgia for about 20 years and my wife is from Georgia, we had seen that in the 20 years we were there that the left largely took over Georgia, and crime went sky high such as drug trafficking, armed robbery, car jacking, and the list goes on. (you know all the terrible things that go along with liberals. I have worked in INFOSEC and Information technology for over 20 years. I am a disabled veteran where I served our country and that really made me appreciate our freedoms that the Liberals and RINO's was to steal from all of us. I have served the Georgia guard where I earned my rank of CWO1, and left the guard was CWO2. I served as a P.O.S.T certified Law Enforcement Chaplain, and Georgia homeland Security Chaplain. I hold high level INFOSEC certifications through GIAC. I have done many things throughout life, but the one thing I wont bend on or waver on is my core as a conservative and a Constitutionalist. I am the most qualified to be the Sheriff for Laramie County because I have worked with Law enforcement in various capacities, and I am a great leader, but also because I have not been part of the "problem" and I can see the forest for the trees. Our nation has been under catastrophic changes in recent years and those changes have lead to a heightened level of anxieties with people of this nation, and now that great change needs to take place. Leaders must be elected that are out of the box thinkers and not your same cut of the cloth people that we may have had at the helm and part of the system for many years. It is time to take back our country even if it means one county at a time.

  • A Sheriff needs to be the block between his counties citizens and the over reach of the Federal Government.

  • Sheriff is the CLEO, or CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, of his/her county. As an elected official he/she is the ultimate protector of the people providing a check and balance locally, for any state or federal agency that may infringe the Natural Rights of the people.

  • No Federal agency that is looking to take away Citizens right to bear ARMS, or Force vaccines on citizens, or mandate Masks should ever come across the sheriff's desk successfully period. I am the person that can and will stop that big Government over reach in Laramie County, that abuse ends here.

  • The Sheriff should demonstrate a desire to help people and engage with their community, and I am that Person.

  • I have Served as a Law Enforcement Chaplain with Georgia Homeland Security as well as I served Sheriff John Cary Bittick in Monroe County Georgia for Several years. I obtained my Georgia POST Certification as a Law Enforcement Chaplain. I have worked along side the deputies and law enforcement with riding along with them and also counseling them. I have qualified on the range (yes I carry a weapon). I have been on some harry situations with my Law Enforcement brothers. I have Laughed with my Law Enforcement brothers and sisters, cried with them, held marriage ceremonies for them, been their at their children's birth, and unfortunately been there too  at those times when it is time to help send them on to be with the Lord. I love my Law Enforcement brothers and sisters. Prior to my Law Enforcement training. I was in the Military and the Georgia Guard. I went through R.T.I. combined officer and Warrant Officer training to become a Warrant Officer, and was also the Honor Grad over my Class and Class leader.

  • I have a no nonsense approach to a leadership style where people naturally listen to what I say and will follow through with what I am leading them to do. I am a "say what you mean and mean what you say" man and leader. As the Bible Says let your Yes be yes and your no be no.

  • I have worked many different jobs, growing up as a teen age young man working farm work and learning the meaning of a hard days work, that truly was a blessing. I became a mechanic, and went from there into computers and networking, and INFOSEC. I have managed small and medium sized teams and have accomplished much. I work for a network security company now and cover areas such as pen-testing and vulnerability testing and Digital Forensics (where the bad guy thinks they got away with something and I retrieve it off their electronic devices, (phones, laptops, computers and storage devices.)

  • I have always questioned why the Office of Sheriff is a partisan position and partisan election. I run as a protector of the people, I ask people to vote for me based on my leadership abilities, my no nonsense approach to protecting citizens constitutional rights and promising no federal agency will ever take your firearms, or ammunition if I am sheriff. I truly believe that there is no Democrat or Republican way to be a sheriff. The enemy is not the opposing party; the enemy is the criminal, and lately the over reach of the Federal Government. There must always be a co-existence of both freedom and safety, that is single handedly the greatest challenge any leader, whether military or law enforcement will ever face, but it is possible and attainable.

  • A sheriff and it's deputies can hold no favoritism and each citizen is as important as the next. All Citizens must know that they matter.

  • As your Sheriff I would be committed to making sure that you have follow up on investigation and cases that involve you as a citizen for knowledge and closure.

  • If I am blessed to be elected your sheriff and supporter of the constitution, Ill devote my life to Laramie County citizens finding and implementing this balance. This position must be held by a man of strong Christian principles and values, as this nation was put together on Christian Judaeo principles and laws. This position must as I stated earlier hold a no nonsense approach to upholding the Laws of this nation but also protecting it's citizens of this county. The people have to know that the Sheriff has their back against Big Government over-reach, and actions that are against our constitution, and defend out country against all enemies foreign and domestic, that will never be negotiable.

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