I am a proud family man happily married to my wife of 25 years. I am Pro Constitution, Pro Wyoming. I am dedicated to being the Sheriff that keeps the residents of Laramie county protected and protecting their rights constitutionally. It is time to take back our country even if it means one county at a time. There is no reason or cause that would allow the Federal Government to over step their bounds and take away your God Given constitutional rights so help me God, Not on my watch.


2nd Amendment Protection

The Second Amendment protects the citizens of the United States from government oppression and tyranny. In general, people were afraid that the national standing army created by the Constitution would have the power to enforce unjust laws onto the people. Thus, the militia and the right to bear arms was created to be a deterrent on governmental abuse.

In terms of civil disputes, guns enables citizens to fight when they felt that their rights were being infringed. For example, a lawful used of a firearm would consist of a man protecting himself, his family, or his property. The Second Amendment allows all able-bodied men over the age of 18 to own and lawfully use a firearm on his own property. Whether or not the right to bear arms increases or decrease crime rate in the United States is food for thought, however.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
  the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Although the Second Amendment grants citizens the right to own and use firearms, there are also several restrictions. A man cannot carry any weapon in any manner and use it for any purpose as he pleases. By using legal firearms to threaten or harm any other citizen for no reason is considered an unlawful use, and is not protected by the Second Amendment. Also, a man cannot enter sensitive areas such as government owned buildings, schools, or nursery homes while carrying a firearm. The Second Amendment also forbids the commercial sale of weapons and firearms to the public. Ex-criminals and other convicted felons are restricted from owning or using firearms, unless if a certain number of years has passed and they have received a clemency from their state government.

Sheriff For the People

I will be a sheriff for the people and make sure that you know that I am there to be your protector and enforcer at the same time of the Laws of this country but also keeping those constitutional rights of the people to be at the forefront and never let those rights be imposed upon or treaded upon. As your Sheriff I would be in the office whenever I am not on business for the S.O. What people want to know, I think, is what are you going to do differently, Let us have a debate between ideas, but let us not have the kind of negative smear tactics that
have driven the country, I think, to distraction, and have broken down any willingness to have a decent political debate. The People running against me will have their records speak for themselves.

Current Political Climate of the Country
As you are full aware there are many issues around our country and even the state where groups have positioned them selves as terrorist in nature, and are criminally aligned for destruction of personal property, and are known to position themselves against law enforcement. Let me be clear on this, God Created man in his image and all human life no matter what ethnicity is sacred and valuable to God and can be of no less value to all of mankind. We are the Human race and all human lives matter period.